October 3, 2017

I’m waiting for the meeting to start tonight. I’m excited to see how this one goes, hopefully smooth.

Things at work have been slightly hectic, but manageable. We got the program off the ground despite the website access being revoked and the previous webmaster not responding. We are having to do it by hand, but I’m hopeful that the students will have a pleasant experience.

I haven’t had many meetings with my supervisor still, but with everything going on around campus I totally understand. She has her hands full for sure.

My sister moved some of her stuff in yesterday. It’s official that we are living together and what not. I’m nervous about it but think overall it will be okay. It will be nice to have an Ellie-sitter. lol.

I was listening to this song on the way in today and it was just talking about how we only have this one life. Am I living it to the best of my ability? What does that look like anyhow? So different for each individual. Am I doing what I want or am I subscribing to what society wants.. or do I want what society wants me to want? Maybe I do, maybe I don’t.

Sometimes I still miss Tyler. I’m happy with Cameron, though. I don’t know that it’s fair to Cameron that I’m with him when I still am slightly hung up on my ex. I wonder if Blake feels that way or if he’s 100% over me.


October 1, 2017

Lots has happened over the past few days.

Thursday I hung out with Christopher. We were initially only going to go to Bubble Island and then that was it, but we ended up grabbing some wine and playing Super Smash as well. It was nice, got a bit more drunk than I had intended on. Matt came over which was nice. It was cool to just hang out with the two of them.

Friday was a short day at work. I came home and Cameron was already there. We messed around and then headed to West Virginia. It was a long drive and I was hungover which did not help anything. We got to the cabin around 10pm and it was not ideal.. no heat, and there were stinkbugs under the mattress. It was fine, though.

Saturday we woke up early. Cameron didn’t sleep well because the mattresses were so bad – like springs poking through and shit. We went to Ann’s house and visited with them. Zoey was a lot, per usual. My mom offered the hiking trip I wanted to go on with Cameron up to Zoey and Jeremy which was slightly upsetting. Catie ended up texting her for me and Zoey went garage saling instead. Thank goodness. After the hike to Long Point we went home and laid down. After the nap we went to Fayette Station which was cool, and Cameron liked it. We came back and had dinner with everyone to celebrate Jeremy’s birthday (today).

This morning we woke up early and were on the road by 9am. We didn’t get back until around 3:40, but that’s okay. It was a quick but fun trip.

September 21, 2017

It’s been a while since I checked in, I think. Lots has happened in the past week, so I’m going to break it down.

Monday I went to lunch with my office as my last hurrah. It was exciting to have my meal paid for and to spend time with them, although it wasn’t much of a celebration of my time there. I did, however, get an awesome picture of the Union and a card from the staff.

Tuesday was pretty chill, I didn’t do a whole lot for my last day in my old job. I had my first meeting with the students in the evening, and it was a fairly long meeting but enjoyable. I was introduced and the newspaper quoted me without me knowing they were doing so. Weird.

Wednesday was my first day in the office. It was a whirlwind with lots of information thrown at me plus learning how the students were handling / reacting to the campus climate issues. It’s a lot, but it energizes me to an extent.

Today was quite chill. I spent time with someone from assessment to talk about learning outcomes with the students. I also went with Ashley for coffee to thank her for being a recommendation. It was helpful and I appreciate her. I still need to set something up with Nick.

This weekend will fly by and next weekend we are going to Fayetteville.

September 13, 2017

Yesterday LBJ sent out an email to assembly announcing my new position. It’s becoming more real each day.

I feel scatter brained today, and I’m not sure why.

I don’t want to do anything work related.

September 10, 2017

I had a lovely weekend with Cameron.  Festifall was Friday and I just headed over right after.

Saturday we went and met his parents and sisters. Then we took his sisters to an apple orchard but they only had one kind. It was fun and cute, though. After that we took them to get sushi which was also fun, and ended the hangout session with Pokemon 🙂 They both beat me 😉 lol

After that we went back to Cameron’s and his friends came over. We played Clue and ate pizza and drank beer.

I woke up this morning to a cold sore, so that’s cool. Not really. lol. I knew it was coming, I ordered Valtrex a while ago. I’ve been in bed all day except for the UAC town hall. Samantha was supposed to explain the transition but didn’t, so didn’t even talk about myself.

Now I’m watching Atypical and getting mad at the horrible people.

September 5, 2017

What a whirlwind this past weekend has been. I can’t believe it. Welcome kicked off with Movie on the Diag which was pretty well attended even though the vendor sucked. I didn’t work Friday which was nice. Saturday we were in the Big House for the event and I was really tired after that – I came home and Cameron and I passed out by 8. Sunday I only worked for an hour. Monday I worked North Fest.

Friday was really fun because Cam and I went to the paint party at Necto. We were back by 1am, but it was really really fun. We both very much enjoyed ourselves.

Sunday we went to Aut with Christopher, David, and later Matt. We all went back to my place and hung out 🙂 It was nice.

Today I got a job offer from CSG to make $10,000 more than I do currently. They said they can’t go up which I understand but I don’t. I bring more to the table than other external candidates, so I’m struggling with that a little bit. But I think I should take it regardless.

Life is looking up.

August 29, 2017

I hung out with Cameron all weekend and it was fabulous. He came over Friday and we did games and stuff at Anna’s which was fun. Saturday we just hung out and went to the gym, watched movies and had pizza. Zach came over and we went to aut bar which was nice. Sunday we just chilled all day and didn’t do a whole lot. Video games and Game of Thrones. 🙂

Ellie has been so good since I switched her to a new food, I’m diggin’ it.

Welcome Week is here! I’m thrilled.. kinda. I might be moving to CSG and making more $$ which could be cool. The interview went pretty well, I think.

August 22, 2017

I still check up on Blake and Tyler. I probably will for a few years, maybe more, who really knows. They are a part of me and shaped who I am. To that I am grateful and resentful.

I was talking with Anna about stuff like that on our way to Cameron’s this weekend. “You know what sucks, is not knowing if they ever think about you.” To which she replied something along the lines of, “Yes, and not knowing if they ever want to try to rekindle.” To which we both agreed that they don’t. If both sides wanted to try, they would. I tried for nine years with Blake, and I went out of my way to try to make things work with Tyler. I take relationships seriously, so I hope Cameron is solid.

I don’t think my interview with CSG went well, but that’s okay. I have another interview on Monday with the Center for Entrepreneurship which should be cool. I’m not as jazzed about it because the pay isn’t everything, but I need to remind myself that pay isn’t the end all. I like my current job and it will need to be something super awesome to make me move away from it and into a more stressful position.

Cameron wrote me a list of things he likes about me:

A short List of things I like about you

  • The day after we met you wrote me a beautiful poem
  • You are thoughtful beyond words your giving heart makes me feel special
  • The motivation and dedication you have to a task is inspiring
  • You are there for your family and take their words seriously
  • Sometimes it takes a while, but when you open up your beautiful soul is revealed your eyes
  • When you laugh angles dance
  • You are tender and sweet when I am stressed
  • We nerd out about Pokemon, Drag, and GoT
  • I spent a night playing video games with you and there was nothing better
  • you care about your friends and you are there for them when they need it
  • you go out of your way to make sure I am comfortable
  • you take me to drag shows
  • We can talk about Riverdale and Comics all day
  • Sex with you is the most amazing feeling
  • you draw me cute pictures
  • Creating good characters and stories is one of your hidden talents
  • your arms are strong and warm
  • When I ugly cried on you, you still asked me to be your boyfriend
  • You are patient with me even though I am new at the whole dating thing
  • You, Jim Hoppes, are the most wonderful boyfriend and I am so thankful you asked me to be your boyfriend

Is that not the sweetest thing ever? I started writing a poem for him but haven’t finished it yet. Work in progress 🙂

August 20, 2017

This weekend was pretty nice.

Friday I celebrated Kevin’s birthday and went to Necto with him, James, Zach, and Anna. It was pretty fun.

Saturday I went to my parent’s house and spent some time with them. We went garage saling and I didn’t get anything, but

Today I went to the gym and then went to Cameron’s with Anna. Zach met us there. We all went to Olive Garden, then to the pool, then to get ice cream, and finished off the day helping Anna get closer to caught up with Game of Thrones.

It was a nice weekend, but so short. That’s how the end of summer tends to go 🙂

August 15, 2017

Our president, if you can even call him that / notice me not capitalizing it, is such a tool. Saying that the “alt-left” is just as dangerous as the alt-right is ridiculous. At the same time, I’m wrestling with trying to understand that folks can say what they want and do have the right to assemble. I don’t think there was an issue until someone drove their car through a crowd of counter protestors (non-violent), but once that line was crossed then our leader should have called it out.

A lot of folks are hurting right now and I’m not sure how to best be an ally and support folks while navigating my own identities and owning that it is my community that is hurting folks. It’s hard to educate when folks won’t even meet you at the table.

Today would have been 10 years with Blake. I just watched an episode of “Atypical” and teared up when the wife cheated on her husband. Seeing it and thinking of how Blake could do that to me hurt really bad. More than I thought it would have.

Ellie was just running around like a crazy hound in circles in the yard.. lol