May 28, 2018

This was to be a relaxing and enjoyable long weekend. I took Thursday and Friday off to relax, was to go to my aunt’s house, hang with a friend, then with Cameron’s family.

Thursday I went to Cameron’s house early so we could enjoy the evening, but he got back to his apartment at four and then had to go get his haircut. He ended up not getting back until like 6/630, and then he needed to snack even though I was starving. We went to this local bar and they ended up not having drink menus, the service was not great. All I wanted was to kick off the weekend with a fun buzzed dinner but that did not happen.

Friday we left bright and early for Audra’s. The drive wasn’t awful. We got there and the mattress she usually had was put up and we were expected to sleep on a deflating air mattress. Needless to say, we deflated it and slept on the floor. Cameron was being prissy about the pillows and blankets because of his allergies and what not.

Saturday he was kind of grumpy because he didn’t sleep well. We ended up leaving at 4pm. I thought it might be fun to go out and do something once we got to his place, but he said no. So, we spent Saturday night on his bed watching TV.

Sunday we went to the gym, got Ellie’s haircut, and then went to Tristan’s party. It was fun! I got far too intoxicated, but that’s okay. After we went to Soho which was also enjoyable. Patrick ended up accidentally sending me a dick pic and so I felt obligated to tell Cameron which was maybe not the greatest decision on my end. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. I truly believe it was an accident, but it threw Cameron down a weird spiral. Oh well.

Today was so long. We went to his parent’s house to hang out with his parents and sisters. They were all doing yard work / other duties. His mom made a weird comment about how she didn’t feel sorry that I had to drive back to Ypsi after. Made me kinda mad. His brother that didn’t invite me to the wedding showed up and tried to be all nice and play with my dog, but never apologized. Dinner was like 2 hours later than what I thought it was going to be. I had to drive home after we got back to Cameron’s. So much gas this weekend :/

So, in closing, it was a fine weekend. It wasn’t the weekend I had hoped for, but that’s okay. I’m definitely out of the honeymoon phase in our relationship and all of his emotions and annoyances are starting to weigh heavy on me.


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