May 3, 2018

The school year is over. Thank goodness. Our office has also moved locations and I’m quite partial to the new one – we are close to Bdubs, Starbucks, all that jazz. 🙂

My first mortgage payment was due on the first which was weird. I have a mortgage. All my bills are paid but I’m broke. I can’t wait until I no longer owe Robert that money, then I can start making money moves again. :p I mean, I’m still putting money in my savings, and some into an IRA. I’m ahead of the game, I think.

Cameron will be moving in soon which is really nice and will be helpful in terms of rent. Johnny was supposed to move in but backed out.. surprise. I asked Grayson but I don’t think he wants to live in Michigan.

Life is strange, I can’t believe I’m where I’m at.


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