April 18, 2018

Things have been going so quickly. So, so quickly. I moved the majority of my stuff into the house this weekend with Cameron. We painted and put mud on the walls on Saturday, and then he left. Sunday I had a retreat with my new group of students and that went pretty well. It sucked having to work on the weekend, but that’s okay. I took Monday afternoon off / flexed from Sunday and finished painting the bedroom because I didn’t sleep well at all Sunday night.

Speaking of Sunday night, Ellie kept me up all night because she kept hearing things. At 3:30 a.m. there was a cat or something making some awful noise outside. Just lots of creepy things which helped me find motivation to finish my room on Monday.

Yesterday (Tuesday) I stayed home because my body hurt so much. Still pretty achey this morning, but I’m at work. I needed to finish a few things. I might go see a movie tonight.


April 9, 2018

Over the past week we have done quite a bit of work at the house.

Monday and Tuesday I started painting the living room. Wednesday I bought new drywall. Thursday my dad and Josh put in the drywall in the main room. Friday we put it in the other room. Saturday I sanded the floors with Cameron and then we stained them. Sunday we put polyurethane on it. Today I will put the second coat on it. Woo.

Work has finally started to settle down (I hope). We have certified results, which is stellar.

Money is tight, but I feel like it probably will be until July.

April 4, 2018

I spent this past weekend at the house tearing up carpet, nails, staples, and paneling. Tomorrow and Friday my dad and sister’s boyfriend will be taking out the walls and putting in new drywall. There was wallpaper in it, and they smoked so it was kind of gross old stuff anyhow. In a few weeks, or maybe May, I will get a dumpster.

The election stuff is still not over, unfortunately. Hopefully soon. I’m over them all. I cannot wait until the end of the semester.