November 29, 2017

This week is so interesting. It has been so much more chill than the rest of November except for today.

Last night at the meeting there was a tiff between two members. One called for the removal of the other and nothing happened – which is good because procedurally you cannot do that. I feel like such a bad advisor because I do not know all of these things yet. Anyhow, that tiff carried over to today. The one that was not following protocol and was asked to be removed texted the other with language that came off as threatening and eventually the police were contacted. It’s difficult trying to manage that because you have to support both students which is difficult.

Another thorn in my side is this stupid guy that thinks we owe him his flight cost because he missed it. No, honey, we do not. Plan better. Curious to see what my boss says.

Matt Lauer was kicked off the Today Show which is so weird to me because I grew up with him on television. Men need to stop taking advantage of their power and not be gross. POTUS also chimed in about it and I’m like – seriously guy?! You are on tape talking about assaulting women. Gross.

I cannot believe this year is almost over. 2017 flew by.


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