October 1, 2017

Lots has happened over the past few days.

Thursday I hung out with Christopher. We were initially only going to go to Bubble Island and then that was it, but we ended up grabbing some wine and playing Super Smash as well. It was nice, got a bit more drunk than I had intended on. Matt came over which was nice. It was cool to just hang out with the two of them.

Friday was a short day at work. I came home and Cameron was already there. We messed around and then headed to West Virginia. It was a long drive and I was hungover which did not help anything. We got to the cabin around 10pm and it was not ideal.. no heat, and there were stinkbugs under the mattress. It was fine, though.

Saturday we woke up early. Cameron didn’t sleep well because the mattresses were so bad – like springs poking through and shit. We went to Ann’s house and visited with them. Zoey was a lot, per usual. My mom offered the hiking trip I wanted to go on with Cameron up to Zoey and Jeremy which was slightly upsetting. Catie ended up texting her for me and Zoey went garage saling instead. Thank goodness. After the hike to Long Point we went home and laid down. After the nap we went to Fayette Station which was cool, and Cameron liked it. We came back and had dinner with everyone to celebrate Jeremy’s birthday (today).

This morning we woke up early and were on the road by 9am. We didn’t get back until around 3:40, but that’s okay. It was a quick but fun trip.


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