October 19, 2017

I have been learning hiragana to occupy some of my free time. I’ve also tried moving away from IG & Snapchat, just because I tend to spend a lot of time there for no reason. I wish I had self control to do it for like 5 minutes a day and that’s it, but I do not currently. This page leads to that page which leads to this page.. it’s never ending.

At work I should have probably volunteered for an event today, but I had a few other meetings and things on my calendar. Oh well.

Cameron and I are going to Denver the first weekend in November! I’m excited! It should be delightful and relaxing (hopefully). We still have not landed on whether or not we are renting a car, but we can figure that out later. 🙂

I think that life is funny and dumb. I want to get paid. Now.


October 16, 2017

I spent the weekend at Cameron’s. It was pretty chill. Friday night we didn’t do a whole lot – traffic was awful on the way there. Saturday we went to the gym, played video games, had his friends over and played board games. Sunday we didn’t do a whole lot – Kris and Zach came over at some point and we played games for a second, too. After that we went to see Kesha at the Fillmore. It was pretty cool 🙂

The concert was so fun and relaxing – it was so cute holding Cameron’s hand and kissing and grooving to the jams. xD


October 8, 2017

I didn’t do a whole lot this weekend which was nice.

Cameron and I went to Necto on Friday to see Trixie. We spent two hours in line to be up front and got some solid pictures.. well Cameron did. I got a video.

Saturday we didn’t do a whole lot. Breakfast with Anna, pokemon/smash, and gym. We tried to have cute boys over on Saturday but it didn’t pan out unfortunately. We had Matt and Steve over, though. It was fun and chill.

Today I didn’t do much. I went to Zach’s play, the gym, the gym again, and that’s about it. 🙂

October 3, 2017

I’m waiting for the meeting to start tonight. I’m excited to see how this one goes, hopefully smooth.

Things at work have been slightly hectic, but manageable. We got the program off the ground despite the website access being revoked and the previous webmaster not responding. We are having to do it by hand, but I’m hopeful that the students will have a pleasant experience.

I haven’t had many meetings with my supervisor still, but with everything going on around campus I totally understand. She has her hands full for sure.

My sister moved some of her stuff in yesterday. It’s official that we are living together and what not. I’m nervous about it but think overall it will be okay. It will be nice to have an Ellie-sitter. lol.

I was listening to this song on the way in today and it was just talking about how we only have this one life. Am I living it to the best of my ability? What does that look like anyhow? So different for each individual. Am I doing what I want or am I subscribing to what society wants.. or do I want what society wants me to want? Maybe I do, maybe I don’t.

Sometimes I still miss Tyler. I’m happy with Cameron, though. I don’t know that it’s fair to Cameron that I’m with him when I still am slightly hung up on my ex. I wonder if Blake feels that way or if he’s 100% over me.

October 1, 2017

Lots has happened over the past few days.

Thursday I hung out with Christopher. We were initially only going to go to Bubble Island and then that was it, but we ended up grabbing some wine and playing Super Smash as well. It was nice, got a bit more drunk than I had intended on. Matt came over which was nice. It was cool to just hang out with the two of them.

Friday was a short day at work. I came home and Cameron was already there. We messed around and then headed to West Virginia. It was a long drive and I was hungover which did not help anything. We got to the cabin around 10pm and it was not ideal.. no heat, and there were stinkbugs under the mattress. It was fine, though.

Saturday we woke up early. Cameron didn’t sleep well because the mattresses were so bad – like springs poking through and shit. We went to Ann’s house and visited with them. Zoey was a lot, per usual. My mom offered the hiking trip I wanted to go on with Cameron up to Zoey and Jeremy which was slightly upsetting. Catie ended up texting her for me and Zoey went garage saling instead. Thank goodness. After the hike to Long Point we went home and laid down. After the nap we went to Fayette Station which was cool, and Cameron liked it. We came back and had dinner with everyone to celebrate Jeremy’s birthday (today).

This morning we woke up early and were on the road by 9am. We didn’t get back until around 3:40, but that’s okay. It was a quick but fun trip.