August 15, 2017

Our president, if you can even call him that / notice me not capitalizing it, is such a tool. Saying that the “alt-left” is just as dangerous as the alt-right is ridiculous. At the same time, I’m wrestling with trying to understand that folks can say what they want and do have the right to assemble. I don’t think there was an issue until someone drove their car through a crowd of counter protestors (non-violent), but once that line was crossed then our leader should have called it out.

A lot of folks are hurting right now and I’m not sure how to best be an ally and support folks while navigating my own identities and owning that it is my community that is hurting folks. It’s hard to educate when folks won’t even meet you at the table.

Today would have been 10 years with Blake. I just watched an episode of “Atypical” and teared up when the wife cheated on her husband. Seeing it and thinking of how Blake could do that to me hurt really bad. More than I thought it would have.

Ellie was just running around like a crazy hound in circles in the yard.. lol


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