August 8, 2017

Today was rough.

Interviewed a candidate this morning for Spectrum. I thought they did really great, but I think there was definitely bias against the candidate because there is an internal candidate and the candidate was white. I think assumptions are often drawn around white candidates and I don’t think that it is necessarily fair – logical maybe, but not fair.

I left work a bit early to meet my mom and sister because I thought my sister was staying the night. She wasn’t. She decided she doesn’t want to move in full time because of her relationship with Josh. I’m kind of over her. Then we went to dinner. Then my mom bought her a shit ton of clothes. I was just over it. I’m down here all the time and we rarely get dinner and I never got a shopping trip before my first professional job. I don’t want to sit here and whine, though.

There was a whole lot of drama around Ellie. I get really tired of her not listening, which she usually only does around visitors. She stresses me out a lot. Then my mom said that I was blaming my disappointment / taking out my disappointment on her. Not fair and mean.


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