June 26, 2017

I have had the most excellent of weeks. I am so incredibly fortunate to have friends that love me, a cute boy that likes me, and a dog and cat that provide constant cuddles.

Thursday we went to Bill’s Beer Garden and enjoyed a few beverages. Jordan brought me the CUTEST freaking gift ever – a Pokemon mat that says Home Sweet Home. Anna had flowers delivered to me. James and Kevin got me a drink guide. Cam got me tickets to see the Drag Queens. Zach and Kris got me a Chili’s gift card. Matt got me.. nothing. lol.

Friday we went out but Cam and Anna wanted to leave early, so we did.

Saturday we (all minus Matt) went to the zoo. It was a beautiful day. Then James, Kevin, Anna, and Jordan came over and we played games all night. It was superb.

Sunday I just hung out with Cam. We moved more stuff from my old place, went to Tropical Smoothie, and went to the gym. It was nice.

I had to drop Ellie off today to get fixed. I almost teared up 😦


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