June 5, 2017

This weekend was fun.

I went to Brooklyn’s dance recital on Saturday and got to spend time with my parents, Grant & Nicole, and Audra. Brooklyn was pretty cute in her one dance, but I was bummed that it was one of twenty-two dances.. lol. We went to Grant’s work afterward and had lunch.

I drove to pride in Ferndale after to meet Zach and Matt. We had lots of fun.

Sunday I went to the gym, went to Lowe’s with Anna’s, helped Anna move some of her furniture, went to David’s to check out the place and talk about paints, then we rushed back to meet Zach. Zach and I went to Gallup to walk Ellie, then to Kroger to get dinner. After that I went to meet Jordan at Raven’s club. He’s pretty cute and nice, but moving back to NYC soon.



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