May 16, 2017

I wasn’t sure if I had written about my interview, but I haven’t! So I will.

I left work at 3:00 on Thursday and arrived promptly around 6:00 pm (7 our time). I went to Noodles ETC which is different than Noodles & Company. The service was fantastic and the food was pretty good.

I spent the evening watching Swamp People and prepping for the interview. I fell asleep at like 8:30 CST.

I woke up in the morning pretty early. There was a cockroach on the floor which was kind of gross. I looked up what cockroaches can signify. “This creature can thrive at any place wherever their survival can be feasible.” Kind of appropriate, right? I spent the rest of the morning prepping, had breakfast, and then I suited up.

I think the interview overall went quite well. Matt pointed out that I wrote Colorado on my cover letter. Whoops. I spent the first hour with the CPO staff, then I interviewed with partners, and finished up with students. The tour I went on with a student was pretty neat. The campus is gorgeous. Then I met the Dean that wrote that there are no safe spaces at UChicago lol. Great guy.

After I got out of the interview I pulled out my phone and saw that I had missed calls from my family. I was like, greaaaat. My dad had to go to the ER because his nerves were popping out of his spine. Basically what I feared about moving to Chicago happened, something around my family…

Afterward, I went to Jimmy’s apartment. It was easy enough to navigate to. We hung out and then went to Roscoe’s, DS Tequila (where I went with Blake and Tyler), and some other bar. We watched RuPaul which was pretty cool, and I got to see Sasha Velour perform 🙂

We went back to his place and he was pretty touchy which made me uncomfortable. I woke up and talked to my mom. She said they were at the ER and they were still waiting on whether or not my dad was going to need a surgery. Apparently, he had also fallen over a few times. With that, I decided to go home.

Driving back SUCKED. Construction and traffic made it terrible. Around Battle Creek my mom told me they were going to do surgery in a week, so I could have stayed but with touchy mcgee I wasn’t upset about leaving.

I went to aut bar later with Kevin and James, and eventually Troy came. It was nice spending time with him. He stayed the night. He’s so cute and a perfect gentleman (thus far). He took me to breakfast in the morning. I am hesitant about him being 21, but I’m going with the flow. We will see.

I’m selling the couches tonight. Woo?


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