May 8, 2017

I have lived under the illusion that I want to live close to my family my entire life. There are perks, for sure. In case the inevitable happens and one of them ends up in the hospital, or if I need a dog sitter. Other than that? I’m not sure. I don’t go home often.

I mean I have a credit card. I can find a kennel.

My family makes me sad sometimes. I know of families that are super close, and we used to be. I’m just not anymore.

I have an interview on Friday, and I just feel like everyone is always so preoccupied with my sister, or my brother and his child. I feel a bit ignored, but what is new? I’ve always been the least attended child, and maybe that’s why I’m not like my brother and sister.

I don’t mean to have a pity party. My family is a group of great people. They just have lots of troubles, and it stresses me out.

I thought I’d be rich, but then I decided to pursue student affairs. lolol


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