April 6, 2017

I had an epiphany at work yesterday. I treat my current office like a family and friends hanging out that are all incredibly passionate about the work that we are doing. For this reason, I get upset when I feel like there isn’t fair treatment across the board. Ideally, there would be consistency but sometimes that doesn’t happen in a business. Especially one as a broken as the university.

So, reflecting on that, I’m going to stop questioning authority like I do with folks I feel comfortable with. I will take tasks as assigned, and will dial back my involvement and talk within the office. Maybe my mistake was treating folks like family when they aren’t. Nobody truly has your best interests at heart other than you. So I will make sure that my frustrations go to my friends and not my coworkers. That my quest for consistency stops. Sure, it sucks but that’s the way life is.

I’m going to get a coffee, but I hope today will be awesome.



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