February 26, 2017

I went to Soho last night with William, Dylan, Isaac, and Matt. It was pretty fun, it was enjoyable to get out of Ann Arbor for a second. We started discussing fuckboys and all the ones that we knew. I’m kind of a fuckboy, and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it. I think the term may be widely applied to men that you’ve expressed interest in but are not able to reciprocate those feelings for you.

I think I may be a bit jealous of Dylan. Somehow he manages to get what he wants. Me? Not so much. I mean, it’s fine and all and I’m very happy for him.

I think that the approach I need to take to life is just worrying about me, Ellie, and Phoebe. The dynamic trio of awesomeness. Boys are dickheads and as soon as you express interest in them things change. I’m the same way, I realize this. Commitment scares me. A lot. I’m not ready to jump back into a relationship after getting out of one of nine years. With that being said, I also realize my double chin isn’t going to magically melt back into my original chin anytime soon. Oh well. I’ve missed my opportunity, I think. That’s okay, though.


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