February 21, 2017

February is almost over. Yikes!

This week is going to be pretty hectic, and I’m not ready for it at all.

My tris are bothering me.

Oh my gosh! We started this work week challenge on fitbit in my office.. and because I was feeling rather competitive yesterday I walked 20,000 steps to beat Ky.. and didn’t even end up doing it. The absolute most. lol

I sent in the letter from my doctor to my housing unit yesterday. Haven’t heard anything yet, so I’m hoping that’s a good thing. Knowing them, though, and how they move at a glacial pace I think that they may look into it in like five weeks.

I wonder how much stuff is on their plate. That must suck for them.

I keep trying to get in to see a counselor, but literally every time they never have any available folks. Annoying.


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