February 13, 2017

It’s been ten days since I’ve written. Yikes, my bad.

It has just been so hectic since I got Ellie. She’s a handful and a half, and I rarely have time to just sit down. Plus, with my new medication I do not feel content just sitting at home like I used to. I am either walking Ellie, at the gym, or hanging out with friends. This is a pretty strange shift in my life, eh?

I have applied for a few different jobs. I applied for the DEI job in CCI, but I do not think I will get that one because I’m a white guy and that’s not really what our office needs. I recognize that. I’ve also applied for a Communications job in CGIS, which would align nicely with my Spanish degree and years of experience at the university. 🙂

Blake was a dick about me spending money on Ellie but I don’t care. It isn’t his concern, honestly.

I took Ellie to visit the fam and the Taylors. It was so cute. Brooklyn was obsessed with her. My dad was obsessed with her. She’s a cute butt.


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