January 19, 2017

Here are some facts:

  • I’m happy in my current situation. I have great friends and family.
  • I was happy with Blake and Tyler, but they replaced any desire I had for friends. I don’t want that again.
  • I want someone that is willing to fight just as hard for me as I am for them – neither of them did this.
  • When I was with Blake and Tyler, I was still flirting with other folks.
  • I never had the chance to date Tyler alone, and I had not been an excellent boyfriend to Blake.
  • I don’t crave sex. I enjoy it while it is happening, but it isn’t something I crave.
  • I think there is a load to learn from dating new people.
  • I’m 27. I want a family someday.
  • I think by being single for the past few months has made me realize that I was living in Ann Arbor, but not really living. I’m finally participating in the community, and I’m actually being a friend to my friends.
  • I need to learn to say no to people.
  • I need to stand up for myself and the things that I deserve out of life.

I think I will need to remember this as I move forward in my life. I can’t let my happiness depend on how someone else treats me.


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