December 20, 2016

Life is funny. Although Tyler, Blake, and I all went our separate ways we each have a cat named after a Friends character now. I have Phoebe (where it all started), Tyler got Joey, and now Blake has Ursula (Phoebe’s sister in the show).

My mom sent me this link about communication styles, and I think it accurately represents me:

Nurturers like to express themselves, especially among groups of close friends and colleagues. Easy-going, accepting, friendly, they make things more fun for others because they enjoy themselves so much. They’re the ones people turn to for news about other people. They like to join in social activities. Their enthusiasm and cooperation make them good at intervening between different people or groups. Because they tend to avoid conflicts, Nurturers may take on more tasks than they can handle, and thus miss deadlines.

For this style to communicate more effectively:

Explain the logic behind your thinking.
Manage your time carefully, don’t over-commit.
Look for negatives, not just positives, when weighing options

I think that the overcommitting thing is accurate. I talked about it last week with Samantha. I have just been feeling too scattered, and perhaps that’s because I’ve become used to a lack of work in my job. Other folks are always free, but it seems like I always have something on my plate. That’s okay, though. I think back to when I worked in the call center. Jesus. lol



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