December 18, 2016

Tomorrow is the day. The day that Trump becomes our next president. It’s, as he would say, “unpresidented.” xD hah.

I’m not a princess, this isn’t a fairytale.

I think I’m done with Necto. It’s always a mess. There is always drama between Matt and freaking Jason, Jason’s boyfriend is always a toolbag, I always end up getting too intoxicated and sending texts that I regret (usually to Tyler).

Last night I went to William’s, which was fine. Kind of boring. I just didn’t want to be rude and not show up, and it’s a good thing because me and Johnny were the only people invited apparently.. wtf. Like, don’t say it’s a party if it’s a small gathering of friends. I got dressed up for nothing. lol.

I fucked up my foot at the gym yesterday while running so I think today I’m just going to do arms and back. I think I’d also like to avoid playing video games for a while, just to shift my attention elsewhere.. to friends, reading, working out. We will see.


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