December 8, 2016

Unfinished business. What’s my unfinished business of 2016? Do I have any? I’d venture to say that perhaps it is moving on from Tyler and Blake. I still can’t seem to. How am I to be happy if I cannot move on? Blake’s is more of a comfort and consistency thing, Tyler is passion, attraction, and an ideal mate. Yet, is it an ideal mate if he views me solely as a friend.. if he moves across the country without me.. I’ve had these same thoughts many times, I know.

Eric Kennedy encouraged me to simply stop giving a fuck. It reads honesty and people like that. That’s the thing though, I’ll always care a bit too much about things that I shouldn’t. When it comes to things I should prioritize, I throw them to the side. I see something in need of repair and I immediately want to fix it; I see something in pristine condition I’m not going to worry about maintenance.. but eventually those pristine conditions fade and I never follow up.

Am I a good person? Are any of us?


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