November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving was nice. I spent it with Catie, Mom, Dad, Audra, Nana, and Catie’s boyfriend. We had a nice dinner and then I came back to Ann Arbor. I think this is just confirming that I romanticize country life, when in reality I am not sure that it is for me. With that being said, the way that my parents live is not necessarily the same way that I would.. I would have internet at the very least.

I went tracking with my dad, brother, and niece. My niece made me tear up because she said, “Where’s Uncle Blake?” And I told her that she was likely not going to see him anymore because we separated, and that he wasn’t her uncle anymore. She responded that just because folks separate doesn’t mean that he isn’t her uncle anymore. How did a six year old become so mature? We didn’t end up finding the deer, but Brooklyn and I made a pretty excellent team of finding blood.. even if the weirdo kept putting it on her hands because she liked it. hah.

I was worried about the holidays and being on my own, but I think I’m going to be okay.

Blake got out of rehab today, which is good. He did look a lot better on his snapchat.


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