November 3, 2016

Yesterday was interesting. I got home from work and took a nap because I was freaking exhausted. Luckily, I woke up in time to go pick up Matt for our date. He’s such an adorable weirdo. We went to Maiz for dinner which was pretty good, but I was stuffed. Afterward, I dropped him off at home. He wanted to watch the game and I did not, plus I wanted to save money.

After I dropped him off, I got a message from Michael. I went to meet him at Starbucks and we sat talking for an hour. It was nice. He is kind of quiet, and not necessarily as engaging as Matt. He is adorable, though, and seems to share some of the values from my younger days which is kind of sweet. Not sure that we will see one another again, but it was nice to have last night.

Today I need to get my arse to the gym to run my three miles, and then I need to be lazy.

I finished Harry Potter and I have not purchased fast food all week [gone out for lunch]. I’m pretty proud of myself.

I think I had a moment of recognition with Samantha yesterday around how I am maybe grappling with lack of motivation compared to my younger self and trying to set goals to get back on track, but perhaps I’m just not that person anymore. It’s okay, either way. I’m a great guy, and success looks very different for different people.


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