October 30, 2016

This weekend has been chill. I didn’t drink a whole lot at necto on Friday, but I felt a little uncomfortable in my Ursula costume. I went with Matt, which was quite nice. I think he is a good influence on me. He doesn’t drink or smoke or anything, he takes risks, he’s funny. He makes me feel at ease in a crowd which is nice. I just don’t know that I’m what he needs or wants.

Blake was there with his new guy. It was kind of awkward. It’s kind of weird that someone that is such an integral part of your life can just live separately from you, and eventually you become two very different people. I know that it is true and possible, I mean look at Anna in Oklahoma.

Saturday I didn’t do a whole lot. I did my laundry, and that’s about it. I went to Dark Horse brewery with my family, which was nice. I need to visit them more.

Today I ran two miles again. I need to get back on my goals. I need to finish that Harry Potter book, and maybe do some math problems or something.


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