October 24, 2016

This weekend I went to ACUI. I have gone to so many of those conferences it gets a bit boring, unfortunately. The content isn’t great. I’m not sure if I was sick or what, but I accidentally slept through the majority of the conference. It was fun to go out a few times with coworkers, though.

Last night I just hung out with Matt. I really enjoy his company. We watched The Conjuring and then cuddled. Then he insisted we go get Dom’s donuts and McDonald’s so I obliged. I’ve had fast food twice over today and yesterday. Gross.

Speaking of breaking resolutions, I only ran a mile today. I really didn’t want to get as sweaty as I normally do during the two mile run. I did do shoulders and arms, though. So I suppose that makes up for some burning calories.

I really don’t want to go to work tomorrow, but I think I have to. 😦 lol


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