October 10, 2016

Two more months and I will have been blogging for a year. Strange, right? My Twitter presence is doing okay. I mean, I live tweeted some of the debate yesterday.

This weekend was chill. I went to ComCo’s show on Friday and I saw John from my first year in UAC. It was nice seeing him. They were funny but violated some fire codes, so I’ll have to advise them away from that.. lol.

Saturday I went home to visit my family. We didn’t do a whole lot, but we had dinner and hung out which was fun. We went to look for the zebras, but they weren’t at the farm on culter road anymore.

Sunday I headed back to Ann Arbor and just did some cleaning and what not.

I have successfully ran/walked 2 miles every day (except Wednesday). I’m pretty proud of myself. Keeping up with the trend this week.

Trying to figure out what my SMART goal for the week should be. Maybe I could read a book, or clean my car, or run a 7 minute mile.


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