October 3, 2016

My apartment is currently shaking from bass. Dafuq? I’ve complained once already, but it is what it is. Only 8 more months of living here 🙂 Hopefully, maybe, I’ll qualify to buy a house. If that’s a goal of mine, which I’m not sure that it is.

In terms of the goals I set yesterday, I only bought a fountain drink (tea) from Subway. I’ll probably use the same cup tomorrow to save the money. Also, I ran/walked 2 miles today. I think I will have to wake up early tomorrow to reach that goal. I think if I can successfully make these changes then I can tackle new goals each week. I was thinking perhaps I could dedicate time each night towards Spanish as well. We’ll see. One goal at a time.

In relationship news Tyler told me it has been too long since we broke up to pursue anything at this time. I’m okay with it. Last night I cried a bit because it seemed that both of the men in my life didn’t want me; Blake cheated, Tyler left. With that being said, things happen for a reason. Whether you strictly believe in fate, or believe in God and their plan, you can take solace in knowing that the universe is working shit out.


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