September 22, 2016

Today I feel a bit more relaxed than I have all week. Walking back from lunch at Cottage Inn (where I dined alone), I felt like I was floating. It was a weightless feeling as though nothing was weighing me down. I have been considering whether or not I am meant to remain in Ann Arbor. I consider the various options before me. I could go back towards home to be closer to my family. I could go far away to start anew.

I had Johnny sign a roommate agreement to avoid having random men coming into the apartment at night. I understand that his self-esteem is low but I can’t risk my safety or my possessions because of it.

I cried the other night because I miss last year. I miss my boyfriends. I miss cuddles. I’m not currently in a place of wanting that, though. I say that I do, but truly I just want to not be. I would prefer not being preoccupied with responsibilities. I just want to hide away. I just installed Grammarly, and it is making a difference in my writing.


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