September 20, 2016

Life has been so hectic lately, and I haven’t taken time to reflect on what is happening.

Friday I worked at the Students for Choice event. It didn’t get over until eleven, which I was pretty bummed about. It was an easy major event for my first go. After I headed to aut to meet up with Brett as I told him that I would hang out. He told me that he was very into me, and had been all this time. It made me feel uncomfortable. I think he wanted to go home, but I was just not feeling it.

Saturday I went to Lansing for Todd’s memorial. It was sad watching an entire man’s reduced to a slideshow of pictures. Not that it was, but that’s what was playing at his memorial. I know each individual that came had various memories with him. Did I? I’m not sure. I had experiences with the family as a whole, but we never had our own memories. I guess we did, we went to a bar in Old Town while Deb, Karen and Blake got their semicolon tattoos. It would have been nice to have a beer with him, but he couldn’t drink.

The saddest part was not the morose crowd, or the collage of videos. The saddest part was when I was leaving and Mary said to me, “I hope we still see you from time to time.” I couldn’t deal with that. My eyes filled with tears and I headed out. This was potentially the last time I will ever see Blake’s extended family.

After the memorial I went home and had a Short’s Soft Parade to ease the pain, which I know isn’t healthy. I went to Jeremy’s after that with my mom and dad because there was a huge issue with Tiffany. Tiffany took the kids and then posted on Facebook her divorce papers with a bunch of smack talk. Jeremy was a wreck. Even though I don’t care for him, he’s still my brother. Apparently he got to talk to them today, so that’s good.

I went to Kalamazoo for the evening to spend some time with Eric. It was fun. We went to Metro, a gay club. They were having a foam party which I’ve never experienced before. I met a couple and they were there to familiarize themselves with the community because their child had just revealed that they are transgender. It was very cute. In the morning Eric and I went to a pancake place and he kind of irritated me.

Yesterday I had to deal with a huge issue because the BSU was irritated that one of the orgs partnered with a fraternity that threw a ratchet party. I totally understand, especially because they planned it on black homecoming. Meetings until 7 yesterday, and then another meeting today. Stressed the fuck out.



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