September 14, 2016

How am I? I’m not entirely sure. I cry randomly sometimes. I laugh. I flirt. I’m happy most days, but sometimes I’m not.

This past weekend was quite stressful.

Festifall was Friday. This was the first time that we did it in the evening, and overall I think it went rather well. There were a few hiccups, especially with UAC. We were supposed to get five tables but were only scheduled to get two. Oversight on Samantha and Karla’s behalf. I won’t take responsibility because I wasn’t responsible for registering the organization this year.

After Festifall, I rushed home to hang out with Eric and Zach. Eric was a complete sweetheart and definitely prince charming. I’m just so nervous about rushing into things, especially since Blake and I broke up at the beginning of August. We went to Necto with Zach, and met up with Matt, Kevin, and Jason. Kevin got plastered, which was pretty annoying. It was like Blake all over again. Then some dumbasses were talking about how they were unsure if it was a girl or a guy, which probably exacerbated the situation. Eric walked up to them and talked to them. I was like..swoon.

Saturday I had to work the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra. It was pretty pointless, but neat to watch my boss in action. Just a bummer to work until midnight on Saturday.

Sunday I had a retreat with my students, which was just too many days in a row of work. But, that’s okay. This was the part of my job that I actually like.

Monday I didn’t do a whole lot as I flexed out my time. I hung out with Blake, and he was really upset. I can’t imagine losing my dad. I just don’t know how I’d function. It was so quick.


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