August 22, 2016

This weekend was fun and relaxing.

Friday I drank a bit too much at Necto, to the point of spilling Cree’s drink. Whoops.

Saturday I took my car to Belle Tire to have them fix whatever the hell was wrong with my tire from the oil change at Victory Lane. Apparently, it was corroded and leaking air but they fixed it. Yay, them!

While they were fixing my car I had some Chinese food for lunch, then I went to see Bad Moms. The movie was really funny, but I teared up a few times. I think, in part, because her husband cheats on her and she has been trying and trying to be the best mom she could but it is never enough. And it just made me think of Blake and I, and our relationship ending.

That evening Jerry and Johnny came over. Blake stayed the night, too. JP and I went to aut, which was actually pretty awesome. We then came home and cuddled and kissed a whole lot, which Blake didn’t like at all. Oh, well. He cheated on me, and was going on dates anyhow.

Sunday was chill. I went to the arb with JP, and then worked out, and then set up Comcast. It was a good day.


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