July 26, 2016

This weekend wasn’t too busy. I honestly didn’t do a whole lot.

Saturday we went to aut and hung out with a few folks. Clayton from high school came down and hung out. Kenny was there, too. He was a mess and we ended up giving him a ride home because I was concerned for his well-being.

We did things with Clayton. I suppose that’s a step forward in getting over Tyler. I wasn’t really feeling it, and then Clayton proceeded to tell me that he used to have a huge crush on me so that just made me feel uncomfortable. I’m not sure why I used to want other folks in addition to Tyler. I like to flirt, and look.. but anything beyond kissing isn’t necessary.

I’m avoiding the office downstairs because of Nick. I really don’t want to engage with him a whole lot anymore. I appreciate having a job, having a car, having an apartment, a kitty.. and being able to maintain that.. but I don’t do well with dishonesty, or being duped.




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