July 5, 2016

This weekend was great at some points, terrible at others.

Friday night we went to The Dunes. A gay resort in Saugatuck. Initially, I was excited for the all around sluttiness that could potentially ensue, but I honestly don’t think I’m about that life. I made out with a few people, but that’s it. No visits to the woods for anonymous nonsense.

Blake was a total train wreck on Friday. I think part of it may have been my fault for bringing up what he did the previous time we hung out with Ryan. Plus, he doesn’t really like Ryan. That being said, he needs to kind of own his crazy. I can’t take the blame for his crap. He sulked the entire night and kind of ruined it.

Ryan got mad because we didn’t have a bed for him. Like, uh? You didn’t pay for the room you knucklewit. Plus he just ghosted in the middle of the night, how the hell was I to know where he was? #OverIt

Saturday was much better. We laid by the pool in the morning until Zach left. Afterwards Blake and I went downtown and that was much more our speed. I think we are just an old couple. That’s okay, though.

Sunday we left early and headed to Oval Beach. Beautiful beach, but I was tuckered out from the sun the day before.

Monday I just played Guild Wars all day. Literally.


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