June 23, 2016

Yesterday was my birthday and it was AWESOME.

Tuesday night I had my last class/presentation/paper of grad school. While I still have to finish my portfolio, I am officially done! Exciting!

I came home and Blake had completely decked out the apartment in Happy Birthday stuff. It honestly made me cry. Partially because Tyler had delivered that message and I was finally moving on, partially because I was thinking about how Blake didn’t make romantic gestures very often, and a bit because it was so sweet.

He got me Mario Party because he wants to be able to play video games with me ❤ And he got me a shirt and some more film for my camera.

The day of my birthday I went to the gym and worked out at like 10 a.m. which was perfect. Then I went and got my haircut, a Little Mermaid tank. I went home and played Smash for a few hours while I was waiting for Blake. When he got home we hung out a bit more and then we went to dinner with my mom. She got me moscow mule mugs (win) and an Avenger’s watch. Plus dinner. It was so nice.

After dinner we went to Art Van and impulsively purchased a couch and love seat. They are pretty nice. The woman gave me a free decanter and wine set because it was my birthday. Then Blake’s parents sent us $1000 to pay for them. I can’t believe their generosity. So kind.

Zach got me a card and some of my favorite candies ❤ So sweet. Him and Kris are adorable.

Aut bar was so nice! I actually had friends come out! Karla, Allie, Zach, Kris, Brett, Robert, Cree, Sandmann, and (kind of friend) Jason.


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