June 21, 2016

Fine, here’s this… I am excited to live by myself for a while and complete some personal goals before settling down. As far as when the time comes to settle down I’m not sure that poly is the thing I will be looking for since I’m more of a traditional asshole. I love you and cannot thank you enough for everything you taught me and helped me to accomplish over the time we spent together. The connection I had with you was the strongest connection I’ve ever felt and one I’m sure I’ll never replace. Ultimately this move is something best done alone and something I’ve thought about for years. I’m sorry our lives didn’t align more directly. I wish you and Blake the best in all of you future endeavors wether they be together or seperated.

^^ A message from Tyler to me today. Closure, I finally have some.

He doesn’t want me, or want me to come with him to Seattle. I can move on without worrying that I may be jeopardizing something.


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