May 24, 2016

Blake and I chatted last night.

I have been going back and forth as to whether or not I should move on. Here is my list:

Pros to getting back together:

  • Have built a life together
  • Know that we can stand one another living together over a long period of time
  • We like one another’s families
  • Relationships take work, you can’t just give up
  • Rent together is cheaper
  • More open to being open sexually – other folks would be less inclined

Cons to getting back together:

  • He cheated during his manic stage, he could just do this again
  • I have to trust that he is actually going to work towards being a better boyfriend and trying to support me more
  • I’m not as attracted to him as I used to be (but all looks fade eventually)
  • I will always have to deal with his bipolar disorder, and having to support him through the ups and downs
  • How much does he truly care about me if he made out with Luke one day after? Although, I can understand an impulse.

It is pretty split, right? That’s what makes the decision so hard. I keep coming back to that phrase though. Relationships take work, but do they take this much?



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