May 9, 2016

May the 9th be with you.. and also with you.

Seattle was fantastic. Gorgeous landscape, gorgeous weather, gorgeous company. Just incredible.

Tuesday I worked until 2:00 and then my sister drove us to the airport. The flight went by fairly quickly, but after an incredible stressful time of getting through security. Blake’s anxiety was high and his hand was shaking, so naturally that stressed me out. I was happy to get to our hotel, after walking a ways from the Link.

Wednesday I was stressed out because of my interview. I didn’t want to go at all. We went to the campus and I wasn’t in love with it at all so I cancelled. I know, not very professional but sometimes you just have to go with your gut. Come to find out, I’m an idiot. The interview wasn’t until the following week. Oh well, bullet dodged.

After the interview we headed to Mt. Rainier to explore. It was really nice, even though we were driving in a fiat (very close quarters).

Thursday we hung out with Kylan. I miss him. He showed us around Seattle, and we got drinks. We tried grasshoppers which was fun but not worth doing again, and then we drank on a rooftop at Frolick which was pretty awesome. Afterwards we went to Tyler’s cousin’s party. I was pretty tired afterwards, but we went out on capital hill.

Friday we slept pretty much all day and then hung out with Pine. We tried these mint things and it was hilarious. We went to a few places that night, but I wasn’t totally in love with the night life.

Saturday was also very chill. We hung out with Joe and that’s about it.

It was so nice seeing Pine and Kylan. I miss them.


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