April 18, 2016

I lost a friend yesterday. I’m still not sure how to feel, or what I’m feeling. Alexis was an incredible person, and I was so very blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her. She was hilarious, kind, and a no-nonsense kind of person. I thoroughly enjoyed her company, and I’m so preoccupied by what is going to happen to her family as she was their main support system.

I celebrated my sister’s birthday on Saturday. Tyler, Blake, and I went to Firekeepers. I won $30.00 which was pretty awesome. Then I invited her and Jon to come back to our place to hang out. They seem cute together, but he’s kind of boring and very much a traditional guy. Whatever, though. As long as he makes her happy.

Yesterday I went to the Arb with Blake and Ty. It was great, and nice to soak up some sun.


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