March 28, 2016

What a busy week, and the semester is only going to get more hectic!

Last week I had the opportunity to meet the creator of Humans of New York. I got to dine with him at Sava’s, and meet his fiance. He was a pretty nice guy, but you could definitely tell that his brand’s fame had gotten to his head a little bit. That’s alright, though. The students at the event seemed to really like him, and that’s all that matters in the end.

I spent time with my family on Saturday. My dad was drinking a little, and then he grabbed my wrist pretty hard.. to the point of hurting. I think he was just trying to assert his dominance and prove that he was strong, but that’s basically just abuse and in no way okay. Sad, really. It instantly took me back to my childhood.

Sunday I went to Blake’s aunt and uncle’s house. We were there for far too long, and it was just slightly uncomfortable.

I’m happy, and excited about life right now.


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