March 15, 2016

This weekend was nice.

On Friday I started by working an event until 10:00 p.m. and it was really great to connect with the students. I learned some of their perspectives on things happening in the office, and I think it will be beneficial in moving forward. It also confirmed some things that I personally believed about the way that students view my supervisor.

After, I joined Blake and Tyler at Necto to see Detox perform. She was pretty good, but I feel like I’m just over the club scene. I prefer a bar where I can sit and have a conversation, or play some pool. Weird, right?

Saturday we headed to Lansing to hang out with Blake’s parents and to celebrate his birthday. We had the most delicious steak ever, but Blake’s dad wasn’t doing so hot. Apparently he had just had a root canal and it was still giving him grief. I hope he is feeling better by now. After dinner we just hung out, I played quite a bit of Guild Wars.

Sunday we came home and didn’t do a whole lot. It was nice because it was so rainy and gloomy, good nap weather.


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