March 8, 2016

The past two days have been rather strange.

Yesterday I was incredibly busy and feeling connected to everyone within the office. I was feeling awesome. I learned things about Ky that I didn’t know, from previous employers.

Today is the total opposite. I woke up, went and voted #FeelTheBern, and upon leaving the polling location I drove off the curb and my car made a funky noise. Then we went to the gym, which was fine. I showered and then headed to my doctor’s appointment. I told my doctor that the prozac was working just fine, and brought up my sister’s recent diagnosis. She ordered a test but the lab was so busy so I didn’t go. As I checked out I realized I didn’t have my ID because I had left it at the polling location. Tyler picked it up because he’s awesome sauce.

I had lunch and then we had our Programs meeting. I swear everything I suggested was overlooked or there was something wrong with it. Totally fine, I don’t particularly care, but it was getting frustrating. Also, my supervisor consistently forgets about two of my students that are working on a larger event and I kind of snapped a little when she just said the one student’s name. It’s not fair to my students, especially since the larger budget comes from OUR program AND we were told we couldn’t do Laverne because she was too expensive.

Samantha had a rough phone call so I checked on her. I think she cried a little. I didn’t know what to do but told her I’m right across the hall.


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