February 22, 2016

I left early on Thursday because I was not feeling well, and then didn’t come in on Friday. This means that I missed New Beat Happening’s event. I was a little sad about it because I was curious to see how it turned out, but I was so congested it wasn’t that disappointing that I had to stay home.

I played Guild Wars all day on Friday and Saturday which was nice, and with the help of Flonase I was feeling 90% better on Saturday. I was a bit stir crazy because Blake had a baby shower and then work, and Tyler had a funeral and then was spending time with his family. I decided that I wanted to do something Saturday night, so Tyler and I went to aut.

It was actually pretty fun, not too hectic. Tyler kept getting hit on because he’s gorgeous, which is understandable but I start to feel a bit self-conscious. We met a few dental students.. Megan, Kelsey, and Aaron. They all seemed pretty nice. Megan is engaged, but then her and Kelsey made out. Aaron questioned our intelligence since we didn’t major in a science around whether or not we would know anything about PrEP. Whatevs.

Sunday was nice and relaxing. Blake, Tyler, and I went to Giardino’s and just had a nice lunch together.


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