February 16, 2016

I have to write something today because yesterday was kind of awful. Not that awful, but there were a few things that went wrong.

First, I was supposed to go to a happy hour with some colleagues but they all backed out last minute. This is understandable, and honestly I wasn’t that upset. Things come up, not really a big deal.

Second, my throat started hurting and is currently still not enjoyable. That’s okay, though.

Third, I was using the toilet and leaned back against the part that holds the water and it cracked all the way down the middle. So, basically, pants down I start hearing water pouring and I’m like what the mess? So I turn around and it is just pouring onto the freaking bathroom floor. I reach back to turn off the water valve, but it doesn’t really stop it. So I run to the closet to grab some towels. I think I used like 6 or 7 towels. Annoying. I called the apartment complex and he basically asks me if I can fix it. At this point, I’m kind of livid. Mainly because the water valve wouldn’t turn off and I couldn’t get the pipe to disconnect from the toilet. He said he would have a new toilet in today, so on the bright side we get a new toilet.

Just not feeling work today. At all.


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