February 15, 2016

I feel like I’m not writing as often as I should, but I’m pretty content writing at least one post per week. Not too much is happening in my life that I feel the need to reflect on it.

I’ve started drinking Kombucha, which is a bit weird. It is pleasing to my taste buds, and to my digestive tract. I am drinking one this morning that has algae in it. Hah. I had my first last week, and have been digging it.

Friday afternoon I went to look at a trailer with Blake. Tyler couldn’t attend because he was busy working on homework that he had put off all day. We walked in and it instantly reminded me of home. Well, my old home. The walls were purple though, and the bedrooms were far too tiny to fit our beds. It’s a shame because it was only $7000, but with lot rent and what not it just didn’t make sense at this time.

We went to Necto Friday evening to see Max and Mrs. Kasha Davis. It was decent, but pretty empty. I blame the mediocre talent and the freezing temperature. I still had fun with Ryan, Arban, Blake, and Tyler.

Saturday we went to Blake’s family and spent some time there. We saw Deadpool and I have to say it was probably one of my favorite super hero movies. It was crass and hilarious. Blake really loved it, and I think Tyler did too.


We didn’t do a whole lot Saturday evening, but that was nice.

Sunday we came back to Ann Arbor and went to Chili’s for Valentine’s Day. Afterwards, we went to Petco to look at the pets. We considered getting a cat, and even filled out paperwork for Luna but then she attacked Blake’s boot and we decided she just wasn’t a good fit.

After the gym, we had some sensual time together. Twas nice.


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