February 8, 2016

This weekend has been stressful, but completely relaxing. Stressful in terms of my relationship. I feel like navigating Tyler’s anxiety and Blake’s depression is just so difficult. When worrying about both of them I often wonder when am I going to worry about myself, my well-being. Then, when I do think of it, I feel as though I’m being self-centered. What nonsense is that?

I have decided to not pursue a friendship with Kyle or Chase. I debated whether or not deleting them on Facebook and eventually decided to do it. I am a human being, and deserve respect just as anyone else. If you don’t understand that, then I will not have a desire to pursue conversing with you. It bums me out because I thoroughly enjoyed my interactions with Chase, but whatever.

Friday was fairly fun. I hung out with Arban, Angela, Vicky, Cree, and Matt. Tyler and I went with all of them to Necto and actually danced. It was nice.


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