February 5, 2016

My self confidence has been low as of late. I think I’m just overthinking things and getting in my head.

  • Chase hasn’t said one word to me since Saturday of last week. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but we had been chatting fairly regularly for two weeks and then all of the sudden there was just a sudden halt. It makes me think I’m not worth talking to, which I know isn’t the case.
  • My coworkers had a get together for a colleague that we all worked with last night but I wasn’t invited. Kind of hurt my feelings.
  • The Humans of New York event is moving forward but I’m just not sold on it, and I feel like it is only moving forward so quickly because some folks feel like they have something to prove but in my opinion it is just proving their incompetence.
  • Furthermore, the event was just moved to a day when I am already having an event. Just frustrating.

I’m trying to do more pay it forward stuff, but I don’t know how it is working. Maybe because I’m being intentional about it, it means less. I just donated some money to Blake’s cousin’s gofundme because she already has MS and was just diagnosed with cancer. I also just bought my sister a ticket to a country singer she really likes, and she is super excited.

Positive energy into the environment will bring some back, right? Maybe?


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