January 25, 2016

This weekend was interesting. We didn’t do a whole lot, mainly because a cold sore decided to pop up on Friday. I’ve been trying to get rid of it since. I took some Valtrex, and have been taking vitamin c and aspirin. Hopefully it is gone soon. I hate having to show up to work with it because 1) everyone will know I have it, and 2) I hate when people stare.

We had more conversations this weekend as a whole. Still unsure of where we are as a whole. It just seems like we all three want something different, but I think that is probably pretty typical of any relationship but it may be a bit different, too. Everyone is so touchy but they are both terrible at communicating and it is incredibly frustrating.

We bought tickets to see Panic At The Disco and Weezer. It should be fun.

Here’s hoping that the cold sore disappears soon and that our relationship figures itself out.


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