January 13, 2016

It is still strange to write 2016, but that usually lasts until March. The past few days have been interesting.

I chatted with Blake and Tyler about my discontent with our relationship. Blake said he would make more of an effort to be present because he often shuts himself up in a room and doesn’t engage with Tyler or I. After that, Blake also brought up that he would like to be more open. Tyler was not about this, at all. I can’t say I blame him, but I just want to be cognizant of the idea of polyamory and how we are conceding to the fact that loving one other person does not make your love any less intense so what does it mean if you vehemently oppose this? Just interesting to think about.

Blake met with his psychiatrist yesterday. She put him on lithium because he was having so many manic episodes. I hope this works, but I’m scared. Scared because this is the same path that Grant went on before terrible things happened in his life.

I’m almost to level 80 with my ranger in Guild Wars, so that’s exciting. I think Tyler is getting bored because I don’t play with him on it, because I’m so focused on leveling up my character. I should make more of an effort to play with him.

Blake took some pictures of Tyler and I, and I really liked them. One of them received over 100 likes on Facebook, which is just outrageous to me.


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