January 11, 2016

This weekend was fantastic. I did absolutely nothing worthwhile, and I was able to just sleep in and play video games. It was nice.

I was thinking last night and this morning about how much my current relationship has changed. It started with all three of us cuddling on the couch which rarely happens anymore. We connect individually, either Blake and I, Tyler and Blake, or Tyler and I. Rarely is it all three of us spending time together, and I’m not entirely sure why that is. I’d like to change it though.

I also want to spend more time with my family. I realize that my grandparents will not always be here, nor will my parents. I should make more time to see them.

It’s nice to think that in a few months I will be done with school for a while, perhaps completely done unless I decide to pursue a PhD which I’m not sure that I will. We shall see.


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