January 6, 2016

After the staff photo and breakfast at Angelo’s the afternoon slowed way down. My mind is still adjusting to the transition to break (video games and Netflix) to sitting in front of a computer and working.

I think I’m doing okay in terms of developing my online presence. I’m taking the advice from the book on introversion I read – introverts are great at developing relationships one on one not through shouting through a megaphone. For that reason I’m trying to engage more by tweeting to people, and engaging in conversations.

The prozacĀ seems to be working. Tyler was eating chips next to me last night and it didn’t bother me in the slightest, and I genuinely feel happier. It’s a bit strange. I still don’t want to go to class though, but I’m not sure anything prescribed can make me want to go. Especially since it is a law course.

I didn’t spend too much time playing Guild Wars last night. I just didn’t have much of a desire to. I just went to the gym and then watched RuPaul with Tyler. The gym was again packed, so I’m thinking I need to go late or early in the morning.

Speaking of Tyler, my coworker apologized for asking about him at work yesterday. I haven’t really told anyone about our relationship which isn’t necessarily fair to Tyler, but I really appreciated her stopping by to check in.


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